Monday, May 02, 2005

queer eye for the straight (g)al

I know, I know. It's been two weeks. I used to write in this thing like crazy, and then suddenly, nothing for two whole weeks. I apologise, but I had a life to live so that you might read about it now.

I have to think back to see what has happened in the past two weeks. A number of things did, I just know it.

For one thing, a cyber friend from way back popped up out of nowhere. All we really had time for was a "catch-up" that lasted as long as a yawn. We hadn't talked in more than 2 years, so I thought there'd be more to talk about, but I proved to be boring, as per usual. He'll be back from Peru in three weeks. I cannot wait to hear about his travels.

I guess what surprised me was how my expectations were met. I didn't think we'd chat ever again, however, when we did, just as I would have thought, it wasn't the same as it was, so who knows.

Next, John Waters did a lecture (read: stand-up comedy routine) at the Hoff. A fan of his off-beat films, I had to be there for the coolest filmmaker to come out of Maryland. Those idiots that made THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT are never to be heard from again (thankfully) so they don't count, and Barry Levinson isn't very well cool, per se. Anyway, John Waters was fuckin' hilarious! I wish I could have recorded him, and I don't mean his likeness, as many were doing with their camera phones. I mean, I would have liked to have recorded what he said because some points were so dead-on, especially what he said about blossoms. Limits. We all have our limits.

Oh, before John Waters, I saw a drag a cappella show with the Kinsey Sicks called I WANNA BE A REPUBLICAN. Their lyrics and beautiful voices make me feel like screaming, "I TOO WANNA BE A REPUBLICAN." Oh, don't worry. I could never be. It was just a joke, I'm sorry...

School is winding down. So many papers to turn in. The good news is that I have finished them all. All I have left on my plate are the series of 5 finals that begin in two weeks.

I want to write in you more often, truly, I do. But I don't want to unless I am witty, and I feel so un-witty sometimes. If anyone reads this and thinks I could do with some more wit, give it to me. But if you don't, then you must look for where you misplaced your wit, because I can assure you that this is not funny.


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